On a Wing and a Prayer…

A warm welcome to the newbies who are joining us for the first time. And a friendly welcome back to those who’ve joined us before.

As the title indicates, I’m going to wing the topic of this week’s blog. I’m giving the blog to set the pace and go in the direction it wants to go. I call this, ‘the Holy Spirit’ within me.

‘Blog,’ that’s a funny word. My definition is, A friendly chat. A conversation with… An interesting topic to share and learn about. Hmm. That’s the idea behind the ‘No Shoes Required,’ Blog.

The dictionary says, ” A blog  is an updated website or web page.  It’s run by an individual or small group. Its style is informal or conversational. So, we’ll see what I can share with you and what you might learn from me.

No Shoes Required is an interactive site where we share and learn about each other. The blog needs you to be interactive. Otherwise, it’s all about ‘ME,’ and that’s not the point.

Last week, I featured a guest blogger. Louise is from SW Florida. And she shared her story. I hope that many of you read about her. I know there are many ladies who are following this blog. The blogs are still available to read. I encourage you to go to the site and read them.

But now, I need you to come out of the closet, so-to-speak, and tell us your story. It’s easy to do. Just write what you are comfortable sharing about. Read what Louise wrote. Read any of my blogs. They will give you an idea.

We have something in common. We all have a disability. Perhaps, it isn’t visible, and maybe it is. We each face challenges that we share. I choose not to let my affliction hold me back. It’s my style to push through and find my own triumph.

I don’t expect you to be a carbon copy of me. I want you to be you… I’m comfortable living in my skin. I’m an artist. I’m a writer by trade. I’m a ‘girly girl.’ I’m a true Fashionista. And I like myself.

I might be in my sixties, but I love being trendy. I enjoy being the center of attention. When I’m out-and-about, and people look at me. I want them to see ME. And not my wheels. I’m comfortable flashing a big smile. I’m comfortable with the vibes I give to those who surround me.


I’m guessing that you are comfortable in your skin. This is the person we want to hear about. Just be you… the real you. It’s easy, just email me your story. Email it to me at punken1947@live.com. I will post your story and a picture too.

So, you say, this ‘No Shoes Required,’ blog is about fashion. And you don’t think you are a Fashionista. But, you are. Whether you are a feminist who wears satin and lace, or your style is jeans and T-shirts. Fashion comes in many styles. And you march to your own drummer.

This week’s blog wants to move in a different direction now. My guest this week is Mia Perez. She’s a fictional character in my latest book, ‘Broken, Crisis of Faith.’ Mia comes alive on the written page. Her’s is a tragedy to triumph story.


I’ve decided to treat you to the forward to Broken, Crisis of Faith. I’m proud of my daughter for writing about her perception of having a mother with a disability.


Forward written by

Rebecca Krafft-Martinez

For as long as I can remember, our society said that my mom was disabled. I watched as she learned to live with some pretty hard stuff in her life, but she faced it all with pride and dignity.

She has a genetic disease that caused deterioration of her muscles. This, in turn, diminished her mobility.

The disease has affected her since her early childhood and peaked around the age of thirty. I remember how Mother never let this disease or loss of mobility get in her way.

Under the circumstances, she made our lives the best that she could. She cooked dinner. We went shopping, and she used her artistic talents for school or community events.

She always remained positive and approached every task with the best of her ability. Although she was unable to walk, she found a way to compensate for legs that did not work. She moved on in her life to overcome her disability. She faced her challenges head on with faith and determination.

I’m not just referring to her physical disability.  But she also had to face the social challenges of the times. I watched as Mom blossomed. This during the time of the Americans with Disabilities Act. She became even more self-reliant and less dependent on her husband and children.

Through her I discovered that burdens can make a person stronger. And that insecurity can become strengths. She has taught me to be the best that I could be.

I’ve learned to put my heart and soul into everything I did. I am not the best and never will be, but I do put one hundred and ten percent into my endeavors. I learned that work ethic from Mom.

Mom, you are an inspiration to me. You helped me to see that dreams can come true. That sometimes suffering and joy go hand-in-hand. I’ve become a strong and independent person. You taught me to love myself in spite of any limitations.

I thank God for His wisdom. I could not have asked for a better mother or role model. If it wasn’t for my mother’s example, I would have never ‘overcome’ my own fears and insecurities. I don’t think that I would have become the woman I am today.

I am proud to call her my mother.

Mia Perez has a bit to say too.

When I woke up from the coma, my doctor said I was in a head-on collision. A drunk driver hit my car. It was a severe car crash that killed my boyfriend and the driver of the other car.

My journey began the day I survived the accident. But soon, it became clear that I would face life without the use of my legs.

Many men and women, helped shape me into the person I became. I learned to face adversity and challenges with determination and humor.

My name is Mia Perez and this is my story.

You can read about Mia Perez in an Amazon E-book to download, or in paperback format.   Broken, Crisis of Faith,  is available at the Kindle ebook store for $5.99. If you prefer a paperback format, the book is available on Createspace at the cost of $9.59. A discount coupon is available on my webpage http://klorraine.com. And while you are there, please read my other blog. It won’t cost you anything. I write about general topics that differ from the No Shoes Required Blog. Thank you…

Author’s Message:

Disability has no boundaries. Creativity and imagination come from the mind, not of the limbs. Anything is possible.

Creativity, talent, artist+ disability = Handicapable.

Until next time,

So be flirtatious, fabulous, and be the Fashionista you want to be. Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

K. Lorraine



Louise, an entrepreneur from SW Florida…

Let’s give Louise a warm welcome to the ‘No Shoes Required Blog.’ I especially want to welcome her, because she is my FIRST guest. This is her testimony. I hope you enjoy… Louise writes.

“No Shoes Required” is a blog designed to help fellow women with a disability. There, we learn how to interact and gain knowledge of how other women cope with their limitations. This includes what styles of clothing are the easiest for us to wear along with being in step with today’s fashion world.

I am handicapped, but this has only been for the last 26 years. I have been fortunate enough to have the time to adapt to my slowly worsening condition. And I am learning daily about new ways to do things in a manner that requires very little leg work. In 1988 and 1992, I blew out the ACL ligaments, one at a time, in both my knees.

The right one was repaired in 1988, but the left knee has never been repaired, due to obesity. The Doctor’s say, “It would be a waste of our time and your money to do the repair without losing 120 pounds first.” So it’s up to me!

Just for good measure, throw in a case of sciatica acquired after an auto accident. My back goes into severe spasms whenever I stand for more than five minutes.  If I sit down, the pain is immediately relieved. But not so good for weight loss, however!  I’m not into pity parties, and yet, I am working slowly to get my weight down so I can get the surgery done. I’ve always loved to walk and cycle.  At the moment, I can do neither.

I am a retired x-ray/CT scan technologist. I did this for 30 years and really loved working with the patients and Doctors.  It’s a very rewarding profession. In my early days, 1963, all that was required was a lovely white uniform. Then in the 80’s, along came scrubs, which were wonderful, and comfortable. I loved all the colors.

My life partner and I then went into the pool table and amusement vending business. This was from 1992 to 2001. And then we sold it. He was the salesman, and I was the installer along with the crew of helpers. We did quite well at it-except for blowing out my 2nd knee lifting a large piece of slate. Enter my disability.

I had to find a job I could do sitting down. So we started a store on EBay selling mostly shoes. He was the buyer, shoe cleaner and polisher. And I did all the technical stuff. Like taking photos. Writing descriptions to list them. Taking care of wrapping them and making mail labels for them.

Since his death from a stroke, I have been doing it all on my own. I’ve got a pretty good system worked out so I can do it from home. Even the mailman picks up packages at the front door when I sell something. I can drive (my right knee is fixed), but I need to use an Ambulator to walk.

Fashion wise, I’m sure not a Fashionista. I’m more comfortable in sweat pants and cartoon T-shirts. I wear pullover tops and stretch knit pants for comfort. My shoes are Oxfords, so I don’t turn my ankle and stress my knees.  I love colorful tops, and I am partial to Henley tops with the 3 button neck. My Easter blouse has butterflies all over.

I’m an entrepreneur. My EBay store specializes in men’s and women’s plus size clothing, plus a collection of Fentonware. I have quite a few Western shirts, mostly men’s. My store is called LucyRae’s Emporium and it can be found at http://ebay.stores.com/Lucyraes-Emporium

Thanks for reading my story. I hope you find me a fun and interesting person. I enjoyed writing this short post. Here is a sampling of the clothes that I sell.

thumbnail_100_7915     thumbnail_100_7916


I carry all sizes, and my inventory changes when items sell. I encourage you to visit my website http://ebay.stores.com/Lucyraes-Emporium and find something that will change you into your own kind of Fashionista.

I also hope that I’ve inspired you to write a little something about yourself. As the author, K. Lorraine said, “We’ve got something in common. And disability doesn’t need to be a drag.

Your friend from SW Florida, Louise

I’ll see you next week with another Fashionista story,

K. Lorraine



Blanca, the color white…


“Blanca” is the feminine form of the word for “white.” The color white is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

White is an achromatic color that reflects all visible light of the spectrum.

In color psychology white is the color of new beginnings, of wiping the slate clean, so to speak. Yet, it is the blank canvas. So, use it and paint your own picture. White isn’t stimulating to the senses. But it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive.

The color white is cleanliness personified, the ultimate in purity!! This is why it is a tradition for brides to wear white.  And the reason why doctors wear white jackets.

White means. Reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, and cleanliness. It is a sign of peace, humility, precision, innocence, and youth. And what would winter be without the white snow.

In Christianity, a white lily represents the Madonna. In present time, white also stands for purity and innocence. It depicts the highest sacred power of God. It stands for everything good, positive, clean, fresh and heavenly.

For Christians, Easter is a deeply religious holiday. We celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead after the Crucifixion. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith. Thus, Easter Sunday is a holy day for Christians. Many Christians view Easter Sunday as a day of new birth.

The tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter dates back centuries. People chose to celebrate new birth of Spring with new clothing. They referred to their new clothes as their “Easter best.”

Around the world, we dress up in their finest attire for Easter church services. In many traditions, women wear white gloves and hats. Even today, most of us choose to follow tradition.

Today is Easter Sunday. And here is my Easter fashion pick.

zu27025517_main_tm1434558146          easter12

The designer, Ananda is one of my favorites. I found this feminine, sweeping white embroidered shift dress on Zulily. This is my second Springtime event to wear this lightweight fabric frock. I love the style, because my body curves can breathe while sitting in the hot desert heat.

I’ve layered my April outfit with an aqua fringed, open cardigan. The easy on, easy off cover up is the perfect addition for warmth in the indoor air conditioning.  zu27471937_main_tm1436376642

For an added touch of class, I’ve chosen a vintage, gold filigree trimmed pearl earrings. I thought a pearl & gold beaded bracelet would be the perfect finish touch. I bought the bracelet in an arts and crafts fair for two dollars. It’s elastic stretch cording makes it easy to wear. And great if your hands are arthritic or your fingers are feeble.


I chose nude compression stockings instead of white. And my footwear is a simple and comfortable Mary Jane white canvas shoe. I found them on Amazon for under ten dollars. What a bargain!


And a quote by Jonathan Milne says it all. “White covers a multitude of sins.”

Total cost of Easter in the southwest desert. The complete outfit cost, under $25.


Until next time.

I hope your Easter was feminine, flirty and fabulous.

Author’s Message:

Disability has no boundaries. Creativity and imagination come from the mind, not of the limbs. Anything is possible.

Creativity, talent, artist+ disability = Handicapable

Email me your stories, pictures and tid-bits to punken1947@live.com. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll be happy to share your sharing & learning stories with my audience.

K. Lorraine


A Taste of New Mexico…

K. Lorraine’s

No Shoes Required Blog

In New Mexico, we’ve mastered the art of individual expression. Fashion focuses on practicality. After all, we are a desert. In New Mexico, we’ve mastered the art of individual expression. It’s balanced with the demands of professional panache.

There is only one rule. The bolder the better. New Mexico offers plenty of reasons to celebrate, ranging from a Chile Fest to an alien bash to a duck race. No place in the universe has a more beloved, and specific, local cuisine than New Mexico. It’s a land whose state question is “red or green (chile)?”

Some of the most unique events, involve New Mexico’s undeniable culture. This is an adventure that feeds the soul. And it all begins here, in the Land of Enchantment.

I invite you into my world of fashion. I’m a fashion conscious woman with a disability. But, my disability doesn’t stop me from enjoying one of my passions. And that is to be a fashion icon… or better known as a Fashionista. I love design, color and being feminine.

One of my favorite on-line sites to shop is Zulily. But, I have a hang-up on spending more than twenty dollars on any clothing item. I often browse through the website on the invitation. My favorite time to shop is when they offer $9.99 and under sales. Otherwise, the Last Chance section offers designer categories with bargain prices. You just need to narrow the search to find something that you just can’t live without.

Today, I’m ready to go to church. I’m wearing a turquoise and black tie-dye, Bohemian scoop neck dress. The colors are subtle and blended well on this nature-loving printed fabric. I bought the dress in December, 2015, under $9.99. In fact, it cost $8.99.


The morning was a bit cool. So I paired my ensemble with a light blue, light weight, open cardigan sweater with a feminine touch. The open front framed my outfit underneath. To complete my Fashionista look, I wore a vintage pearl safety pin brooch. This kept the sweater front closed. I don’t often wear a lot of bling, but I chose to wear a beautiful pair of vintage earrings. The color was perfect and I thought they were a great addition to my ensemble.



One of my many fashion mottos is… if you need to wear compression stocking then be fashionable about it. I’ve found compression stockings on-line at Amazon. I bought up a variety of colors so I could match my dresses. They aren’t cheap, but mine did come in a package of six, for about $24 plus shipping. And my stockings are lightweight compared to most.

On this particular day, I chose black stockings. I wore black flats with criss-cross elastic straps. The outfit came together nicely.

I’ve added a few more items I thought might interest you. The patchwork Kimono with tassel trims, reminded me of the New Mexico colorful sunsets. I also thought it was festival chic. And it only cost $12.99. Not bad for a year around cooler weather cover-up.


I loved the bubble gum pick socks. Who says you have to wear shoes to be fashionable? These adorable socks could double for a sport shoe. And when you sit all day – comfort and style are a necessity. The deep heel pocket ensured a precise, secure fit. So there wasn’t  any pressure point discomfort or slippage. And on Zulily, the discounted price was only $6.99.


Boho (Bohemian, is a comfortable style for me. I need a style with a breezy flair. This blue Batik midi dress was a dress after my own heart. My pick was blue, but it came in other colors too. But the price… wow, just $9.99.


So, I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip with me today. And I hope you learned a little more about me as a woman with a disability. But, foremost, I’m a writer and a Fashionista.

I know there are some ladies out there just dying to come out and share bits and pieces about your life challenges. We would love to hear your story and see pictures of you too. We are in this journey through together. You might think you don’t have anything valuable to share. But, I assure you that the simplest things are the greatest tricks.

All you need to do is, email me your story & pics to punken1947@lve.com. And I’ll post them on the No Shoes Required website.

You might enjoy reading my general weekly blog ‘Funn Stuff.’ This blog is http://klorraine.com. It’s also posted on WordPress. You’ll find a lot of good stuff there, so be sure to look around.

My book of the month for March was ‘Broken, Crisis of Faith.


A reader wrote. “I believe in love regardless if you are a person with a disability, or not. In the novel, Broken, Crisis of Faith. Mia Perez worked through her adversities with trial and triumph.”

Another reader wrote. “If you are a human being who cares about others and what life throws at them, then this book will open your eyes. You will gain insight to what some people with a disability goes through.”

In the revised story, Broken, Crisis of Faith. The author changed the protagonist’s name to Mia Perez. Along with changing the protagonist’s name, She’s given the book new cover art. She did this to give the novel a facelift.

As the author, “I wouldn’t dissuade you from reading the original book, Overcoming. But, the 2017 version, Broken, Crisis of Faith, has a slight plot twist. All-in-all, whichever version you choose, the book will have you turning pages.”

Broken, Crisis of Faith, is an emotional, inspirational, trial & triumph story. Broken is an emotional, inspirational, trial & triumph story.

All my books are available in the Amazon Kindle E-book store. If you prefer a paperback book, you can find them on CreateSpace, and in Barnes & Noble. Most of her books are also listed in the Book Depot.

I want to thank my husband, Ed, who is becoming quite the fashion photographer.

Until next time, be Flirty, Feminine and Full of life.


Author’s Message:


Disability has no boundaries. Creativity and imagination come from the mind, not of the limbs. Anything is possible.

Creativity, talent, artist+ disability = Handicapable.

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K. Lorraine